On the electro planet everything works differently.

Today there is a huge gap in our cities and towns if we want an electromobility alternative: infrastructure.

BeePlanet supports implementation of eMobility by providing answers tailored to each situation. We focus on finding solutions to match each client’s requirements.

Charging hardware will be complemented by suitable control software.

Control software
to facilitate integration of renewable energies and energy consumption.

Infrastructure solutions
for electric vehicle charging.

We therefore offer a smart charging solution for such aspects as:
• Fleet management
• Payment procedures
• Residential charging software
Because it is our goal to support society, its organizations and its companies through knowledge, development and implementation of new electro mobility management resources.
We are working towards progressive electrification. This new way of moving around entails a new way of consuming energy. We are heading towards more self-sufficient environments, which require infrastructure to facilitate smart consumption.
We are in the midst of a change of era that is moving forward at great speed. Our challenge lies in taking the lead.