What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?
26 November, 2018 B2U / BeePlanet Team / Energy storage / Team BeePlanet 0 Comment

Energy storage becomes crucial when dealing with efficient management of household, industry or country electricity demand. For that purpose we participated in the opening of the new R&D Technological Automotive and Mechatronics Centre (NAITEC) presenting our first prototype.

Our initial product reuses batteries coming from electric vehicles. In spite of the fact that they are not optimal for the automotive sector, they can provide with energy to many other applications during a long period of time. That is why we have developed and showed a self-consumption prototype based on second life batteries. Its modularity enables to increase equipment’s capacity and power depending on the environment and the situation.

This presentation has served us to share with the society the objectives that BeePlanet Factory has in mind. Expectations within the battery context are high and we have to work hard in order to offer viable and innovative energy storage solutions. The outcome of this event is really positive and we will meet new challenges with the utmost enthusiasm.

Van Gogh, who, 150 years ago, coined the phrase that entitles our first post was in favour of taking action to change. In just over a decade he created more than 900 paintings and 1600 drawings becoming one of most influential and important figures of the post-impressionism art movement. He achieved to modify all the symbolic content and abstract qualities of old paintings while rejecting limitations at the time. Like him, we would like to change the current schemes of national electric scenario by taking part in the forthcoming energy revolution.

Let’s paint the future of energy.

Alfonso UrrizburuProduct Engineer
BeePlanet Factory

Thanks to Ingeteam for its hybrid inverter