At BeePlanet Factory we develop technological projects based on the reuse of batteries removed from the electric car. These batteries are called B2U (Battery 2nd Use). At the end of their original application, they keep intact a large storage capacity (70%-80%) and still offer high performance, which makes them perfectly functional for other uses, such as stationary energy storage.


A 4kWh energy storage solution. Self-consumption for residential applications and small consumers.


Energy storage solutions using 16kWh battery packs that can be expanded up to 32kWh. Clean energy for commercial and small industrial sector uses, with the aim of reducing the electricity bill or adding an extra level of robustness against power outages.


A 33kWh modular energy storage solution expandable up to 200kWh. This product can provide energy for large industrial and renewable energy customers and is also prepared to be integrated into wind farms or photovoltaic plants that offer grid regulation services.

We offer more than just batteries

BeePlanet’s Engineering Department is made up of experts in batteries, renewable energy and software. Here we design, develop and implement technical solutions to reintroduce electric vehicle batteries into the market.

We reuse, remanufacture, resell and recycle (4R vision of circular economy) these batteries, giving them different uses depending on the diagnosis and result of the process. This represents a technical challenge that has been recognized by institutions and large companies.

Second life batteries (B2U), software and algorithms, traceability and analytics.

Second life batteries (B2U)
software and algorithms
traceability and analytics
We are committed to the circular economy

We are interested and support projects related to renewable energy, energy transition and battery reuse.

Without leaving a trace

Our batteries, in their second life, do not require new raw materials (including complex and limited materials such as lithium, nickel, cobalt, copper, aluminum…),
and do not generate additional carbon emissions either, unlike any other brand new battery manufactured for a similar application.