17 December, 2019 Circular economy / eMobility / News / Second Life Batteries 0 Comment

Two weeks ago, our CEO Jon Asín participated in the event organized by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism and Innoenergy to announce the progress of the European Battery Alliance (EBA). It was a very positive day to promote collaboration between the various agents in the energy storage industry value chain. With this, we will be able to position ourselves as a country to promote this industry and develop the necessary technological ecosystem.

The EBA was launched in October 2017 by the Vice President Šefčovič and aims to create a competitive value chain in Europe focused mainly on sustainable batteries. To prevent technological dependence on our competitors and to be able to capitalize on jobs, growth and investment in this field, Europe must move fast in the global race. 250 billion battery market from 2025. To meet European demand alone, it would require 10 to 20 gigafactories.

Since BeePlanet reuses batteries that are no longer optimal for the electric vehicle, we are at the end of the value chain, before recycling the already exhausted battery. We are the start of an emerging industry that aims to change the current energy model. This is not only a revolution for the electricity system, which will have to manage a complex distributed system, but will also have economic, environmental and even social repercussions. In the words of Innoenergy’s CEO, Diego Pavia: “This train is already running, and we have to choose whether to get on it or not”. At BeePlanet we are already at full speed!