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Energy storage becomes indispensable to efficiently manage the electricity demand of a house, an industry or a country. With this vocation we participated on November 21 and 22 in the opening of the Automotive and Mechatronics Technology Center (NAITEC) presenting our first prototype.

Our product, still in its initial phase, reuses the batteries from an electric vehicle. Although they are no longer optimal for the automotive sector, they can provide sufficient energy for multiple applications over a long period of time. That is why we have designed and presented a self-consumption equipment based on 2nd life batteries. Its modularity allows to extend the capacity and power of the equipment, being able to adapt to very different environments and situations.

This presentation has also been ours. BeePlanet is open to society to show what our objectives are. The expectations in the field of batteries are high and we have to work hard to offer innovative storage solutions. The very positive balance of this event, allows us to face the next months with illusion and ambition.

More than 150 years ago, Van Gogh asked the question that heads this post. He was aware that in order to change, action is needed. By producing more than 900 paintings and 1600 drawings, in little more than 10 years he became one of the greatest exponents of post-impressionism. Just as he managed to modify the conceptual schemes of painting, in BeePlanet we aspire to participate in the energy revolution that is coming in the coming years.

We are going to paint the future of energy.

Alfonso Urrizburu / Project Engineer
BeePlanet Factory

Thanks to Ingeteam for its hybrid inverter