3 February, 2020 Circular economy / News / Second Life Batteries / Sustainable storage 0 Comment

We installed the first commercial electric vehicle second life battery equipment.

BeePlanet Factory begins the distribution and field installation of its first commercial second life battery pack: BeeBattery® Home. This battery, of 4kWh, is composed of lithium-ion modules from the NISSAN® LEAF vehicle. This battery allows to store the surplus energy produced by the photovoltaic panels and to use it in isolated systems or connected to the network.

In order to validate its operation in real operation, the first unit has been installed in CENER‘s (National Centre for Renewable Energy) Athena microgrid.

BeePlanet Factory was founded in 2018 with the aim of facilitating the transition to a sustainable energy and mobility system. To this end, it manufactures low, medium and large-scale energy storage equipment from second life batteries of electric vehicles. BeePlanet researches, develops and implements technological solutions to give a new application to these batteries that have reached the end of their useful life in the electric vehicle.

Come and see the first units of BeeBattery® Home at the GENERA exhibition

IFEMA Exhibition Centre (Madrid)
Stand 10A42 BeePlanet Factory
From 5 to 7 February 2020.

The installed BeeBattery® Home system has been subsidized by the CDTI. PGE in charge of the application 27.12.467C.74908.