23 July, 2021 Highlights / News / Second Life Batteries / Sustainable storage 0 Comment
We presented this project at the Bind 4.0 Open Innovation ShowCase developed with Mercedes Benz - Vitoria Factory.

It supports the charging points of their vehicles in their facilities.

It has been five months of collaboration to achieve the goal: to implement an energy storage system – with second-life batteries of electric vehicles – to support the recharging points of their facilities and achieve a high degree of independence from the grid and the existing electrical infrastructure.

Powered by the photovoltaic panels installed on the roof of their facilities, we implemented the Power ESS with 42kWh capacity, connecting the subsystem via an inverter to the internal power grid. The result of this turnkey project was the development of the first unit of a unique sustainable energy storage solution.

A unit integrated into an internal microgrid together with the generation and storage of solar energy, the recharging points of its electric vehicles and the grid of the factory facilities. All monitored and controlled with BeePlanet technology: a customised energy management system that ensures the optimisation of each element of the installation.

The management system is responsible at all times for routing the energy from local photovoltaic generation to the battery, to the recharging points or to the rest of the installation. It is also responsible for extracting energy from the battery at times when the vehicles request peak power for recharging.

This project is a proof of concept for larger projects, combining electric mobility with local photovoltaic generation and storage, therefore reducing dependence on external electricity supply through renewable energies.

It is very rewarding to collaborate with large manufacturers who are committed to sustainability and the reuse of high-performance lithium-ion batteries, which are still optimal and certified for second-life applications such as stationary energy storage.

Thanks to Bind 4.0 for the support and opportunities they have given us during this time.