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BeePlanet Factory and SungEel HiTech have get into agreement among with other key players of collaborating in the reuse and recycling of li-ion batteries coming from electric vehicles.

A consortium built between Spanish and Soth Korean companies will build a 10.000 TPY black mass facility in Navarra with SOP in 2025. This amount is equivalent to 25.000 cars per year.

Instrument will be a new company, BeeCycle, in partnership with other relevant companies as, in the Spanish side, Medenasa, Truck&Wheel – TW Group and the support of Sodena and Samsung C&T complementing the South Korean side. This collaboration empowers both of Spain and South Korea positioning in a key market as emobility.

With and investment of 18.5MEUR, new company will be in a 31.000 sqm plot in Caparroso, Navarra. Project will employ 60-70 people to process all those batteries that either has come to their endo of life or the scrap coming from the cell manufacturing.

Counting with SungEel HiTech’s state-of-the-art technology we secure the reuse and recycling capacity in the Iberia Peninsula of li-ion batteries that will be available massively in the next years. Is also considered inside the agreement the potential implementation of additional facilities in Spain as the market is evolving rapidly.

We are also contributing to the strong presence of SungEel HiTech in Europe where they already have running projects in Hungary, Poland, and Germany.

All the companies involved in the project share the same target of collaborating on the sustainability of our way of life by deploying all our technologies to make our planet a better place to live.

About Beeplanet
BeePlanet Factory is a company founded in 2018 with target of reusing electric vehicles batteries to develop sustainable energy storage solutions by extending the life of former traction batteries. Mission is to create a sustainable energy model for the planet by making a more sensible use of raw materials via technology.

About SungEel HiTech
SungEel HiTech is a leading company in the field of battery recycling industry that is operated with a total recycling process for rechargeable battery only in South Korea. SungEel creates a sustainable world through Green material & Recycling, and realizes social responsibility for the future.

About Samsung C&T
Samsung C&T (Trading & Investment Group) operates globally in trading and project organizing with a network of 71 offices in 41 countries. It focuses on trading industrial commodities such as chemicals, steel, energy and materials, and further expands its operation to eco-friendly areas such as renewable energy, battery recycling, etc.

About Medenasa, Metales de Navarra
Metales de Navarra S.A is a familiar company founded in 1986. Is a leading company in the management and revaluation of industrial waste looking for the achievement of zero waste, focused on the circular economy and the recovery of 100% of the materials.

About Truck&Wheel – TW Group
Truck&Wheel Group is an established international organization in advanced logistics, through TW Logistics, and in the automotive sector, as a Tier 1 in the production and sequential supply of components for premium brands, through TW Automotive. The Group is focused on sustainability as part of its long-term management strategy, supported by leaders who are committed to building a successful society.

About Sodena
Sodena is the financial support instrument of the Government of Navarra for attracting and developing value-added business projects for the region, also collaborating in its Smart Specialization Strategy. With a portfolio of more than 120 companies, Sodena has implemented a sustainability and responsible investment policy and is a signatory of UNPRI (United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment) and is adhered to the United Nations Global Compact.