Saves up to 4200 kg of CO2 eq to the atmosphere

With Home ESS storage we avoid emitting up to 4,200 kg of CO2 equivalent into the atmosphere. In addition, we avoid using new raw materials in manufacturing.

Energy day and night

Our storage system meets the demand for a home, a shop and for areas not connected to the grid. Our batteries are therefore useful to store the energy during the day to use it at night, when solar panels no longer produce electricity.

High quality standard

We manufacture in Spain with the highest standards of safety and quality, reusing batteries from main automotive OEMs, optimized with our technology.

Do you only produce or also store?

Gather the energy and use it anytime.

Home ESS allows you to accumulate the energy produced through photovoltaic panels and consume it whenever you want. This is the real way to optimize its use and maximize saving.

BeePlanet engineers are committed to reusing the batteries removed from electric cars and adapt them to different uses. The reason for this is clear to us: high quality and performance for second life applications at a competitive price.


Our 8 buzzes


Battery control technology adapted to second life. Our batteries are high-end, as the automotive industry requires them to meet very demanding standards of capacity, reliability and performance.


Meets the strict quality standards required in automotive; BeePlanet also certifies these batteries with rigorous standards necessary for residential energy storage.


Maintain your network independence thanks to the island mode of our batteries. With power backup so there are no outages in case of grid failure.


In addition to being able to have clean and sustainable energy 24 hours a day, Second life batteries® allow you to revalue waste and extend its lifespan.


The high quality of our batteries allows you to make the most of solar energy, reducing your electricity bill. In addition, we offer the best value for money of a lithium-ion battery for residential storage.


Protective enclosure, maintenance-free and ready to connect and start working. An authorized technician will install it in your garage, warehouse, basement, house in the countryside or any other space available for it.


We monitor battery operation to provide our customers online data about their batteries and prevent any type of failure or misfunction in advance.


Our technical team knows the product in depth. We manufacture it and we support it. Express contact via phone or chat.

Technical data

  • Battery type: EVSecond Life
  • Chemistry: LMO
  • Nominal capacity: 4 kWh / 8kWh / 12 kWh
  • Maximum charge and discharge power: 4 kW / 8 kWh / 12 kWh
  • Nominal voltaje: 90 V
  • IP Rating: 43
  • Weight: 60 kg
  • Dimensions: 500 x 750 x 300 mm
  • Mounting: ground
Why choose us

Second-life batteries from electric vehicles are called B2U (Battery 2nd Use). Its original application was to provide traction to vehicles during their operational life. At the end of this, they keep high storage capacity intact (70%-80%) so they can be perfectly functional in other applications, such as energy storage.

There are two main reasons why we are attractive in the market:

  1. As storage batteries, in their second life they do not require even the necessary raw materials – including complex and limited materials such as lithium, nickel, cobalt, copper, aluminum…- nor generate the carbon emissions that a new battery would require to the same application.
  2. We have carried out different studies in several well-known technology centers too proof that, if working under recommended conditions, our batteries can keep their high performance for 2500-3000 cycles. The reason for this is mainly that they are automotive batteries, and as such were designed to work under very demanding conditions and following top-in-class quality and safety standards.


People looking for energy alternatives to save and care for the planet. Combined with a photovoltaic installation, BeeBattery®Home helps offset the difference between generation and consumption time runs. This is an advantage in terms of harnessing the energy generated and reduces the power consumed from the grid (in case of grid-tied installations).

The most common self-consumption applications include:

  • flats,
  • small-scale commercial,
  • off-grid homes that are typically powered by fossil-fuel based generators, such as summer houses, houses in the countryside, etc.


Our product is easy to install and is designed to be placed in functional spaces type garages, laundry areas, storage rooms… Your installation requires qualified personnel and accredited installers. This condition is to satisfy the set of standards, standards, regulations and laws relating to the installation and operation of electrical equipment and batteries.

We currently have networks of installers working on a large scale. If you are a professional installer and believe in this carbon-free energy storage project, please contact us. You will become part of our network.


The acquisition and maintenance of BeeBattery®Home can be managed through our network of installers. Click on the button below to access our current network. You can also contact us if you want to ask us any specific questions or to be informed of the nearest installer.