Have you just finished your master’s degree in engineering and are looking to develop your professional career in an innovative company that is committed to the environment? At BeePlanet, we have created a Talent Program that will allow you to develop your full potential and gain experience in different departments of the company.


    We present to you the BeePlanet Talent Program, a program designed to attract recent graduates with master’s degrees in engineering, especially in the fields of electrical and electronic engineering, to positions in any department within the company. The objective is to offer a structured experience with a medium-term focus, which is professionally attractive for profiles with greater potential.


    Aimed at recent graduates who seek to reside in Navarra and who aspire to find an interesting and advantageous proposal in terms of their professional development. The program offers a defined job development in the medium term, an attractive economic proposal, advantageous working conditions, and other social benefits.
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    The selection process will consist of two stages: technical and personal. We seek to select the most suitable candidates for the program, so our selection process will be innovative and stimulating for all the people who participate.


    Duration of 2 and a half years, starting in July 2023 and ending in December 2025. Several stages: a period of internal training between July and December 2023, followed by a stage as Junior Engineer from January to December 2024, and finally a stage as Senior Engineer from January to December 2025.