18 May, 2022 News / Second Life Batteries / Sustainable storage 0 Comment

Q-Energy pilot project consisting of the hybridisation of a photovoltaic solar plant in operation with a battery storage system.

It will serve as a test base to analyse the technology and its participation in the market and the provision of grid services, finalising the connection of our first lithium-ion battery storage system in Spain.

The system consists of a second-life battery -made from electric vehicle cells- of 300kW and 2h capacity,

It is a modular installation that will be connected to a solar photovoltaic plant in operation, making it one of the first hybrid renewable generation plants with storage in Spain.

This initiative strengthens Q-Energy‘s commitment to innovation and learning, and reinforces its objective of promoting a decarbonised and sustainable energy system.

Una iniciativa que afianza el compromiso de Q-Energy con la innovación y el aprendizaje; y refuerza su objetivo de impulsar un sistema energético descarbonizado y sostenible.